Puppy Fever!

Ash and Josie

Puppy Fever has arrived at the office. Much like Spring Fever or the ticking biological clock—the one that makes you want babies—but instead of wanting babies–we want puppies!

It all started with Ash. She got a bee in her bonnet that she wanted a puppy and soon she took to regaling us with stories of puppies. Puppy this and puppy that and at first we paid her no mind, but soon she was showing us oodles and oodles of pictures of puppies, and you’ve got to admit, presented with a cute puppy, it’s hard not to fawn and sigh with joy—even if it is only a photo.

So, before you knew it, Ash had us all talking about puppies. And by all of us, I mean, us women in the office, and even Jack, our sole male, who’s been known to tweet using the following hashtag:



Anyway, I swear I’ve seen Jack get all gooey-eyed when shown a video of a sweet little dog frolicking in the grass. And, I don’t believe him for a moment when he says, it’s just allergies.

So, one day, I said to Ash, after hearing her go on and on about a certain Morkie puppy that she really, really wanted (and for those not in the know, that’s one of those hybrid dogs or designer mutts, as I call them), half Maltese and half Yorkie,

“Okay, Ash, let’s go look at your puppy.”

Ash did one of those double takes that you see happen in cartoons, where they look away and then, they look right back at you with their eyes as wide as saucers, wondering if you really meant it and getting excited in case you do.

“WHAT??!” she asked exuberantly. I could hear her heart pounding from across the room.

Clare wants a puppy, too!

“Let’s go! Today at lunch, we’ll go see your puppy, the one you want.”

So, Ash, Clare and I piled into her car. (Trisha was out sick that day and Jack was nowhere in sight, while Laura had already gone to lunch). And, off we went.

Well, we were there in five minutes flat, and it took less than 30 seconds for all of us to fall head over heels in love with Ash’s Morkie.  And, while she went back and forth, trying to figure out whether or not to adopt the little thing, I said,

“Ash, if you don’t walk out with that puppy today, I’m taking her.”

Because suddenly, just like that, even though I didn’t mean to, I’d become another victim of puppy fever!  After all, doesn’t my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel deserve a little companion–a sidekick? Someone who’ll play Dr. Watson to his Sherlock? Rather, a mini-me, puppy-in-waiting?

Well, Ash didn’t get the Morkie that day, but she went back two more times to have a look-see (four times, in all–but who’s counting?). And, she took her boyfriend so he could give his input, and before you knew it the little Morkie was finally hers!

I just love puppies!

So, now Ash has her puppy, named Josefina Calisi. (Yes, Ash and her guy are big fans of HBO’s Game of Thrones.) Or, Josie for short.

And, I still have puppy fever! Clare does, too, by the way, but her roommate, who happens to be her sister, Hannah, refuses to cave to puppy madness.

As for Trisha, who was out sick the day we went to see the puppy, she swore never to leave us alone in the office again, because, as she puts it, she’s the only practical one among us (puppy insanity hasn’t hit her yet, but I figure it’s a matter of time).

Sure, Trisha’s laughing now, but she’s tired of all this puppy-love talk in the office. (This, coming from a cat owner, which is why I take everything she says with a grain of salt.)

Trisha says, had she been in the office that day, she would have told us not to be so impulsive. In other words, someone’s got to be the wet blanket, ahem, reality check.  😉

Jack: The struggles of being the only man in our department. Must be very trying, indeed.

So, what do you think? Should I succumb to my serious bout of puppy fever? Or, listen to Trisha and let sleeping dogs lie?

Luckily, DiDi and Bella from Paws to Talk are going to help me figure this out. Can’t wait!

In the meantime, Happy Fourth to all my American readers! To the rest of you, Happy Wednesday!  May the Fourth be with you!

Laura, seen here at one of our events, is the newest addition to our department, and has admitted a certain fondness for puppies.

59 thoughts on “Puppy Fever!

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  2. Chiming in late on the puppy issue. Nothing is cuter than a little ball of fluff, but I always remind myself of the late night and early morning house-training trips. And the weeks and weeks of obedience work, and all the trouble a puppy can be. Then I get over my puppy fever. I would suggest if you come down with the puppy fever again, take Henry along to see how he reacts to the other dog before you choose. We tried out several dogs with our Millie before selecting our second one. You certainly don’t have to try to teach them to get along.

  3. Okay, clearly this is what happens when I’m away from the blogosphere for nearly a week. I miss getting to weigh in on issues like this. Have to confess to puppy passion myself, as we have 2 dogs, a terrier mix and a Maltese. SO—I say, yes, to the puppy thing. Of course you should get one. What cuties! (Sorry to have been away. Tomorrow’s post should explain my unusual absence.)
    Happy 4th of July!

    • Kathy, please tell me everything you know about the Maltese breed. I’m actually thinking of getting a Malti-poo.
      And you weren’t away very long, so no worries. I still haven’t decided and at this point am waiting for soon, I am leaving for a respite, if you will. 😉

  4. They *are* adorable. You want them to stay puppies forever. However, they do have a way of getting larger. That said, perhaps your pup would love a little friend. 8)

    • Well, the dog I have in mind will always stay small. Puppies are cute, but I would want mine to grow up a bit, because I’m not fond of the whole potty training thing. I dread “accidents.” Yikes!

  5. Monica,
    We have two dogs a yellow lab and a golden retriever. After eight years owning two, I could never imagine having just one. They are best buds, amusing themselves by chasing each other, stealing each other’s toys, wrestling on the grass or my good rug for hours. In saying that, two dogs do come with more expense and more work (cleaning). One trip to the vet usually runs over $150. My husband did train retriever puppies in our home for a couple of years, so I definitely got my puppy fix. In the end I was happy to have my home back. House training puppies gets old fast. I also should mention my husband does the majority of the work with the dogs – walking them each day.

    As for you Monica, if the timing is right and you are up for more expense and work I would recommend getting another dog.

  6. Monica, I’m about to blow a gasket with this slow, almost standing still WiFi connection! Dear Lord, I’m sweating bullets and I’m sitting on a terrace facing the Mediterranean! I think Bella and DiDI will agree with me—GET THE PUPPY! ha! I would wait till you got back from your trip though. Imagine how wonderful it will be for Sir Henry to have a friend to accompany him on his “sniffing” adventures! Not to mention how much joy will enter your home! Pets are wonderful companions who love us unconditionally and expect very little in return. I can’t imagine my life without Roxy. As you know, I have been dwelling on the possibility of getting a puppy in September. Roxy is proving to be quite friendly with Olivia and I think she’s a good candidate to have another furry friend at home. I’m certain Sir Henry will feel the same. On a side note, Jack is such a cutie I’d be more than happy to “adopt” him! hee hee! 🙂

    • Bella, I want to get the puppy but I’m so nervous about the commitment. In any case, like you said, I’ll wait until I return from vacation.

      Re side note, Jack may be a cutie–as are all my staff–but he also happens to be a great, skilled assistant, helping us manage all our finances, paperwork processing, etc. I feel very lucky–and blessed–to have such a great staff! Hannah’s comment (see above) said it best, “You guys have an awesome dept over there…” And, I must agree. We do! 🙂

  7. Go ahead and get the puppy. Henry needs the company. I’m not a pet person but I’ve had them on account of my son. Pets are lucky in the west. Over here, they’re practically starving and if I could, I’d take one back with me. It’s really sad.

    • Totsy, It’s so sad when dogs are neglected. They are our best friend, after all, willing to give us nothing but love if given the chance. I’m leaving soon for my vacation, so if I do anything, it’ll be after I return. Thanks for your input!

  8. Josie is adorable Monica, I think Ashley and Josie are lucky to have each other, my daughter wanted to have her birthday party at the Humane Society last year and you can only imagine how hard it was to walk away from the sweetest dogs there. We held strong. We really want a puppy, but we’re not there yet 🙂

    I don’t think Henry is going to take too kindly to a new family member just yet, I have a feeling he might prefer to think about this one a bit, esp. If he needs to train him for all the detective work he plans to do. Have you asked if he would like to go along with you if you decide to add to the family?

    • Oh, MM, know that Josie is even more adorable in person. She doesn’t run, she prances and frolics. With the sweetest temperament. Henry is so regal and aloof, that I’m not sure how he’d do with a little companion. I think he would have to meet them first to see how they do together. But, before I do anything else, I’m going on vacation!

      • I love that Josie prances and frolics. So sweet. Henry might need a more sedate companion, just because he is so regal and aloof.
        Vacation sounds like a lovely idea. Are you going to Spain then? I hope so. Enjoy!!! not that any other place would be less interesting 🙂 I am just partial to Spain.

    • Poooor Jack, indeed. Everyday he reminds us of the travails of being him in our department. So, yes, I’m sure if he had a little thing to hug I think he’d love that very much! 😉

  9. Josie is so sweet and precious… no wonder you all have puppy fever. I’ve never caught that ailment myself as my heart melts for fluffy little kittens and the only thing that has stopped me from adopting cats by the litter is the pet clauses in my lease. Enjoy your new puppy if/when you find a Watson. 🙂

  10. Ah yes puppy fever, I think most have had that at one time or another. I like to do a pro and con list when I am going to make a big decision like that, sometimes that helps and others well… I end up just going for it LOL

    • Thanks, Misty. Doing a pro’s and con’s list sounds like a great idea. I think I will try it. One thing’s certain, though. I’m going on vacation soon, so I’m postponing any decision until I return. Which will give me a lot of time to think about it.

    • Clowie, I wonder if they’ve reported it on the news yet, this outreach of puppy fever. Perhaps I should create a map and add pins to all the locations that are reporting PF outbreaks. We’ll nip this in the bud once and for all!

  11. PUPPY WUPPIES! I want one soooooooooo bad!! I just can’t take it, the pictures are bad enough, but it’s like torture going to see them in person. One of these days I’ll have one of my own, but it the meantime, I’m counting on you, Monica to give in to puppy fever!

  12. Hehehe… So cute!! I might catch Puppy Fever here, soon.. Especially after looking at all these cute photos! And the video of that hamster-sized white puff of a pup nearly melted me. You guys have an awesome dept over there, and I miss being around you all the time!! Thank you for the sweet, cheery blog today. Happy Fourth, and Congrats to Ash for getting the adorable pup, Josie!

    • Hannah, you’re right about one thing: we do have an awesome department. I feel so lucky–and blessed–to have such a great team here. I wish you could be here, too! 🙂

    • Deborah, so far my requests to discuss this with him have been met with stony silences. Frankly, I think he’s speechless because, frankly, he can’t believe I’m actually considering bringing another dog into the fold. 😉

    • Thanks for the advice, Heather. So far, I’m not adding to my family. The more I think about it, the more I’m growing out of the fever. It’s more of a mild case now, but I hear there are antibiotics available that can help me lick it, once and for all. We’ll see. Not ready yet to pick up my prescription. 😉

  13. Puppies are adorable… and a lot of work! They’re so fun that it’s worth the effort, though. I wonder how Lola would feel about getting a puppy. ??? I fear that she would lead it into trouble regularly. A few days ago, Lola got sprayed by a skunk (5th time!) and I’m sure a puppy would have followed her right into that disaster. I can’t imagine trying to get skunk oil off of two dogs at once. 🙂

    • I look forward to checking out your blog, and see if it sways me one way or another. I’m putting off making any decision, for now, though this weekend, I did visit a shelter and it made me sad to see all those wonderful dogs in need of a home. I was even taken with the kittens. So adorable!

  14. What a lovely little dog, I can see why you fell in love with it.
    Dogs are great friends they never let you down.

    I am sue that Ash & Josie will have many fun times together.

    Nice post Monica it brightened my Monday morning.

    Jack by the way just looks shell shocked, must be due to working with all you women!!

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