When Morning Comes

Bella, of One Sister’s Rant, earlier this month did a photographic post about her neighborhood. Which inspired me, so, on a recent weekend morning, I took my camera out on a walk through my neck of the woods. I figured one of the best places to go would be by the coast, just a couple of miles away.

Of course, June around these parts is known for its “June Gloom,” on account that nearly every morning you awaken to gray skies. Though, by noon, the sun is out in all its glory, and the gloom is never bad enough to keep people indoors. This day was no exception.

Hope you enjoy!

This time of year, the Jacaranda trees are in full bloom. Its purple flowers are breathtaking.

What I love about the trees in this seaside park, is how the unrelenting wind off the ocean, has caused them to bend dramatically toward the east, barely keeping their heads up, yet finding the will to do what it takes to survive.

These gnarly, twisted trees, long ago bowed to the wind, and now make for climbing fun.

The view from the park.

These three seem to be deciding whether or not to hit the surf.

Seems like I’m not the only one seeking a photo opportunity.

A nice spot to enjoy the view and watch the surfers.

This shaggy dog shows no interest in the ocean.

This train, heading south along the California coast, offers great ocean vistas.

Even in the gloomy morning, the view is exceptional. It’s no wonder people want to live here.

I just love how so many bring their dogs to the beach. A couple of miles north of here is Dog Beach, a place where anyone can bring their dog to frolic and splash freely in the water–leash free!

This seaside community has a bit of a Tudor feel to it.

And one more. We love the sea in these parts!

So, tell me, what makes your neighborhood special?

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  1. I can’t wait until I get some more work experience in the real world because as soon as I can find a good job in Cali, I’m moving! Good luck, right? Ha…hopefully the economy begins to improve. I love California! Great post, Monica 🙂

    • Thanks, Lisa! I really enjoy taking photos, though I’m no professional by any means. It’s a lot of fun finding shots and framing them. That’s as much detail as I can get into; the rest I leave up to my basic, no-frills camera.

      Now that it’s summer, I’ll probably be doing more such posts. Luckily, I live in a area that’s extremely photogenic! 😉

    • I bet you’d have fun exploring that tree, Bassa. Maybe, too, Barnaby would enjoy climbing it. I can only imagine what kind of photos you and the tall person would take if here. You both have an amazing knack for finding the unusual in places. That’s quite a talent!

  2. I enjoyed the tour. Cool concept too.
    And what an interesting tree those kids were playing on. Never seen nature twisted up in such a way. My eyes were just kinda stuck on that image. And that water looks so peaceful. Must be nice to have access to it and go hear the waters anytime.

    • Totsy, I guess you don’t often come across such twisted trees, but trees like these weren’t made in a year. This took decades and decades of strong winds pummeling the trunk and branches into submission, bending to the wind out of respect for its power.

  3. Love the Jacaranda Monica, It made me think of Seville, where the Jacarandas line an entire street adding so much color along with the Orange trees. I love English Sheep dogs too, how gorgeous is the scenery. I can’t wait to see San Diego even if it is for a couple of hours and we will mostly be at Sea World with our friends. I hope we can sneak in a bit of time to look around. Beautiful photos.

    • MM, are you planning a visit here soon? First time? I suggest going to Old Town, which is very near Sea World, so maybe you can plan having dinner there. It’s a beautiful area, and great place for Mexican food. Yes, I love the Jacarandas. I find their color intoxicating.

      • Monica, we will be there either Friday or Sunday( hmm, well, according to our plan) It is our first time to San Diego. We’re driving from Anaheim and we have only one day – sadly. I would love to see much much more. Maybe we will have dinner there, is there a restaurant in particular you would recommend? Our friends from Australia don’t have a lot of Mexican food options there, so it would be a nice treat and I love authentic Mexican food with a really good Margarita 🙂

      • MM, I always recommend C-Level. You sit outside on the water, enjoying the view and the food is delicious. Try their Kemo Sabe’s Famous Nut Crusted Brie. It’s an appetizer that’s out of this world. There’s an adjoining restaurant, Island Prime (same owner), but it’s more upscale. C-Level has a casual but nice atmosphere.


        For Mexican food, go to Old Town. Casa Guadalajara is good and has great Margaritas. Address is 4105 Taylor Street. Fred’s Mexican Cafe is also recommended. http://www.fredsmexicancafe.com/

        Hope you post about your trip! Would love to hear what you ended up doing while here.

  4. The Jacaranda trees! The flowers! The shaggy dog! The surfer dudes! But more than anything, that magical poetic twisted tree.
    Where do you live again, Monica? FaaaaaaabULOUS. Xxxx

    • Kim, This is Southern California–San Diego area, but these photos were taken in the appropriately named, Del Mar. Isn’t it just a beautiful community? I love it so much here.

  5. Monica!!! I made it! I’m having on hell of a time connecting to WiFi here but now that I was finally successful, I’m so happy to see this post! What fantastic shots, lady! I love them! How absolutely breathtaking! With a view like that, you don’t need to go very far to enjoy yourself. Simply gorgeous! I have much to tell you so I’ll write later when hopefully, the signal is better. Thanks for the shout out and for this wonderful post. I loved seeing your neck of the woods! 🙂

    • Bella, I’m so glad you made it! Roxy looks divine, none the worse for wear! Love the shots you’ve already taken. I wish I could have done this post sooner so I could have linked to yours, as I thought that was a great idea. But it took me long enough to get these snapshots. Though, now that I did, I want go do it more often. It was fun!

  6. Are you taking weekend lodgers? Here are my attributes at a high level and worth serious consideration. I am a keen chef, like the musician who plays by sound, such is me in the kitchen. I am funny, and despite my passionate prose, I am amusing and can delight even the most dire. I don’t drool. I know Kim, from My Inner Chick is known for her baking skills, but you’ve not had my Chocolate Chip cookies. I am a fabulous listener and would sit still, assuming your poured wine freely, while you read from your WIP. I’d not comment negatively even if you begged me to (I’d wait until the weekend was over and email you any comments, but I know that would not be necessary). On Sunday morning, after coffee and fresh fruit and homemade out of a box muffins, we’d go on a walk around town talking of writing. Later in the afternoon, we have mani/pedis followed by a movie and more cookies. References are available upon request.

    • Too funny, Brenda. You are most welcome to visit anytime, and I can’t wait to try your chocolate chip cookies. Let’s be sure to take the camera on our walk. Of course, I always love writing and talking about writing, but I can’t resist snapping more photos, too! Anyway, looking forward to all of it, which you describe so beautifully, I might add. What can I say? You had me at hello! So, it’s a date! 🙂

      • Smiles… wasn’t pushing myself upon you, seriously, but it was my way of saying a delightful hood and home where you dwell. I find the ocean both cleansing and aspiring. On the there side, I’d not turn down a chance to share a bottle of wine and talk of our shared passion.

  7. Oh my goodness, I love these photos! I was just thinking today about doing a photo post with views from my walks around the area. No sea around here, but beautiful woods/creek settings, secluded and peaceful.

  8. Monica, what a LOVELY place you live in! It reminds me a great deal of the Mississippi Gulf Coast, with all the water and waves, palm trees and flowers. I’ve been to San Fran and to LA, but never to your area — looks like something I need to add to my bucket list!

    • It really is, Debbie. I love being here. I love the lack of humidity and the mostly gorgeous, sunny days we have. You’ll just have to make it a point to come here soon!

  9. That’s an appealing photo tour of your neighborhood. I love our lakes, but something about living by the ocean is compelling. How great to have such a lovely beach practically in your back yard.

    • I know, Lisa. I feel pretty lucky to live here and have such access. The funny thing is, I don’t always go. But I love taking photos, so I plan to go more. It’s so nice by the sea! 🙂

    • Oh, I’m pleased you like my photos, Eloise. California coast is out of this world. The area where I took these pix is known as Del Mar. I plan to head to La Jolla soon and capture photos there. Stay tuned…

  10. Great photos, even with the June gloom. I don’t love the constant marine layer, but I love June for the Jacarandas. They’re my favorite trees and it makes me so happy to see masses of them in bloom all over the county. Delightful!

    • Shary, aren’t the Jacarandas just majestic and pretty? I love looking at them, too. Of course, some, who live by them, don’t like having to clean up after them, when the flowers start dropping. Does get messy, but worth it.

  11. So beautiful, I once heard all other states jealous of california just like the rest of the world jealous of USA. I can tell you that looking at your pictures makes me so very jealous, even thou I like my neighborhood very much.

    • Well, if you haven’t been here yet, make sure to add it to your list for vacation spots. It’s absolutely breathtaking and the weather is always pretty nice. Even when it’s very hot, as it is inland, its dry enough (not humid) so that it doesn’t feel too bad.

  12. What lovely pictures Monica. The Ocean is always a great place for photography irrespective of the weather…
    If I was to have a favourite then it would be the woman in red on the bench. It just sums up a lazy time relaxing looking at the ocean.

      • Hopefully I will take a few more this coming Tuesday with the Olympic Torch arriving at my station. I think that often we can get better pictures on a dull day than one with bright sunshine. Yours were nice to look at, I love pictures of places I have never been to.

  13. Your neighborhood is lovely, Monica. What I wouldn’t do to live near a beach! And that tree! Wow–how amazing! Plus, how fun to see so many folks out on morning walks with their dogs.
    I live in downtown Lexington, Kentucy–a sweet Southern city–home of the University of Kentucky, where I taught writing for a number of years. It’s quiet, peaceful–but ungodly hot right now–102 F yesterday.

    • Kathy, living by the ocean means never getting unbearably hot. Well, hardly ever. A couple of days a year, that’s all. You don’t really need AC, thanks to the sea breeze. Quite lovely. I’m sure your area has much to offer, too.

  14. It is SO beautiful Monica!! What I miss most when I look at all the photos all of you are posting is the space. We have no green spaces at all, nowhere to even take a walk, no sight of nature, nothing except cement buildings, cars and pollution

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