Thoughtsy Tagged me!

And Nate Shenk, Behind My Stunnas, and Dogdaz did, too!

Though, if you ask Behind My Stunnas, she’ll say she pimped me.

And, if that’s not enough, Lisa W. Rosenberg and Genesis Meranda each gave me a Sunshine Award, and Lisa, Eloise and Behind My Stunnas also gave me The Versatile Blogger Award (That makes six, so I must be very versatile, indeed!). Plus, not to be outdone, Renee gave me the Lovely Blog Award, while Lisa also gave me the Beautiful Blogger Award! Yikes! So many awards for little, old moi?? Why, I declare! I do believe I’m blushing.

Someone, puh-lease get me my smelling salts!

All these accolades have come in recent months, and I’m embarrassed to say, I’ve been remiss in showing my gratitude. Until now, that is.

So thank you, thank you. From the bottom of my heart, I thank my fellow bloggers who have bestowed on me such fine awards. You’ve made me feel pretty, pretty special.

But, before I get too full of myself, I must now answer some questions put forth by these crazy kids who saw fit to tag me. And, frankly, as there are altogether too many questions, I’m only going to answer a few.

  • Pop-Tarts: frosted or unfrosted?  Definitely frosted and only the kind of the strawberry persuasion. Love the sprinkles, too.
    Do you think I’m pretty? You can use this picture as a reference.  No, that’s not me asking this question. This was put forth by Thoughtsy of Thoughts Appear. And I think Thoughtsy is, indeed, very pretty, with a quirky sense of humor, a love of sweets, and a healthy obsession with zombies.
  • What’s your favorite quote? That’s easy.  “Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive.”  Sir Walter Scott said it—not Shakespeare, as some think—and, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say he was thinking of me when he wrote it.
  • What are you proud of?
    I am proud of the fact that, no matter what mayhem is thrown my way, I’m the kind of gal that likes to look on the bright side. So, move over, Pollyanna, two can play at this game!
  • What country (other than America) would you like to live in?  Forget country! I’m picking a continent: Europe. After all, why just settle for one nation?
    What TV show do you watch that you’re embarrassed to admit to?  None. I’m not ashamed of any of the shows I watch, whether it be Ringer, Parks and Recreation, The Daily Show, General Hospital (now that my own soap has been unceremoniously cancelled)r Masterpiece. As long as they’re not reality shows (which I absolutely detest), then they’re all worthwhile.  
  • What ambition do you still have?
    To write, write, write. To write until I’m blue in the face or hell freezes over, whichever comes first. Oh, and to get published. Wouldn’t it be nice if my book made it on the New York Times‘ Bestseller List? Dream on, I say!
  • Do you believe that the government should legalize marijuana? (heh-heh you don’t have to answer, I just wanted to mix things up a bit).  Yes, Nate. This is a no-brainer. It’s silly not to, akin to Prohibition. People are going to use it anyway so might as well legalize it and tax it heavily (like we do cigarettes), so we can pump much-needed dollars into states that are currently struggling—like California.  If we did this, we could get rid of the national debt in a heartbeat!
  • Who would you like to meet who is still living?  Colin Firth. He’s a man for all seasons: A great (handsome) actor who’s British (and that’s always a plus!). He’s also charitable, an advocate for the environment, a loving husband and has just about every other quality that is good in this world. And, if given a chance to meet him, I’m bringing along Meditating Mummy, who shares my devotion.
    And, while I’m at it, I’d also like to meet all my fellow bloggers and readers, who regularly comment, and say nice things about my insipid writings, and who have amazing blogs that I thoroughly enjoy reading. I’d throw them a party, and serve Mango Margaritas, and we’d laugh and banter into the wee hours of the morn. And, as the sun begins to rise, I’d sing a song about drunken sailors, and we’d all dance a round of the insidious, mind-boggling classic, the Macarena. We’d culminate with a game of miniature golf. It promises to be a blast! So, who’s in?

So, now I’m passing these awards on to the following folks who all have wonderful blogs, so be sure to check them out! Finally, not to be outdone, Henry, too, has picked a few of his faves. So here’s our list:

Bassa’s Blog

Bongo Dog Blog

Arkwrights of Orton

The Big Green Bowl

The Film Fatales

Heal Now and Forever Be in Peace

I Know I Made You Smile


The Mixed Up Brains of Lisa Weinstein

Meditating Mummy

Musings by an ND Domer’s Mom

One Sister’s Rant

Reinventing the Event Horizon

Savvy Working Gal

The Ten Things She Thinks About

Apropos of nothing, I just returned from a fabulous trip to Seattle where I took a class on memoir writing and will tell you more about my visit in an upcoming post. Stay tuned!

Now, that you’ve all been tagged, know this. There are rules. I’m supposed to give you questions to answer and then you’re supposed to tag and/or award to others. But, I say–and Henry agrees–make your own rules! Or not.

And, most of all, take pleasure in knowing you’ve been honored by a jury of your peers (if Henry and I count as peers). Enjoy the accolades. You deserve them!

61 thoughts on “Thoughtsy Tagged me!

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  2. I’m still alive!!

    Glad you finally got to answering my somewhat ridiculous questions. I figured I would love your responses and I was right.

    P.S. Snail mail on the way!

    • Comments to my posts aren’t complete until I get yours. So thank you, the window of opportunity to comment is now closed. 😉

      But seriously, you’ll have to tell us why you’ve been MIA. I can only assume you were kidnapped by terrorists or something of that ilk. I’m so glad you escaped and are, no doubt,the better for it. Can’t wait for my snail mail. Yay!

  3. Monica,
    Thanks so much for including me among such wonderful blogs. I am honored. You have always been so supportive of my blog I feel as though I should be giving you an award. Good luck with your writing you certainly are talented.

  4. Congratulations on your awards and thanks so much for including me. I know it was Henry who picked me, so thanks to Henry too. I have the same question as Lola – can dogs come to the Mango Margarita party? Maybe we can have our own special party for dogs.

    • Henry adores your innocent observations (as do I). And, yes, there’s going to be a big blow out party for Henry and his pals, so please join us. A description of the dog party is above in my comment to Shary and Lola. 🙂

    • Shary,
      Please tell Lola that Henry’s already planning the dog party. They’re going to have bacon and cheese margaritas, howl at the moon, and finish up with a round of fetch. 🙂 Won’t that be fun?

  5. I hope you through a party worthy of the Red Carpet and donned your Henry Winston’s and a one of a kind gown as you were accepting your awards. I am convinced blog awards a ruse to extract more secrets about the writer onto the page (kidding, of course) but I do enjoy reading all the interesting little tidbits about a person. As Bella says, you are indeed a warm and kind hearted person who I hope some day to meet in persona perhaps at a conference or a book signing. Contrats on all your awards and I hope we see pictures soon of the after party. Hugs, Brenda

    • Brenda, but of course you’re invited to the big Blogger party blow-out! Bring your dancing shoes, my friend.

      As for the awards, you are right. It is a ruse, but after getting so many awards, I felt it was time to thank everyone and frankly, it wasn’t easy picking who to pass it on to because I love all the blogs I follow–including yours! So, I’m going to have to do a part 2, and include you next time. And, ruse or not, when I do a part 2, do not feel under any obligation to do anything about it. You have a wonderful blog and are an amazing writer, and that’s an achievement in and of itself!

  6. You. Must. Be. Kidding. You tagged ME??! How honored I am! Now I know what I’ll write about next time, hehe! I’m right there with you in the book writing dream — oh, in a perfect world we’d already be published! I didn’t know Seattle was so beautiful; I’ve never been there. Looks like a wonderful place to write! Much thanks to you and Sir Henry!

    • Yes, Debbie, I hope that’s okay. 😉
      I enjoy your blog. You make some great observations and I can so relate.

      Seattle is beautiful, stunning, rich with greenery and brilliant flowers. Wait until you see some of my photos. I have a keen desire to return to Seattle on an annual basis. A girl can dream, anyway.

    • Rules be damned, I say. No need to do anything as far as I’m concerned. Just the fact that you commented today is more than enough! I just think your blog is aptly named. You always make me smile. 🙂

  7. Monica, congratulations on your awards, chica! They are all very well deserved! Sir Henry is just a peach, and so are you, for including me in your list of nominees. Gracias! I’m tickled pink! And now you’ve got me craving mango margaritas and Pop Tarts! My goodness, the last time I had one of those was two years ago! Gosh, I miss those! You know I’m a rule breaker so I will simply express my gratitude and confess that I still have the ambition of becoming the wife of Javier Bardem. Oh, and I’ll admit I’m watching the tv show Scandal and loving the fact that the main character had an affair with the President! ha! 🙂

    • I cannot imagine any list that doesn’t include you, Bella. You’re the Queen of B’s (Blogger Bees), if you ask me. So, are you saying you would leave the SO, without any hesitation, if Javier Bardem asked you out?? I’ll see what I can do.

  8. As it turns out, you’re about to be named for yet another award (once I get it together to write my next blog post, in which I share the announcement of an award passed on to me). Can you handle the suspense? Seriously, it’s a pleasure to be within your sphere in the wide wide world of Cyberspace. And please thank Henry for concurring with you in passing on the honors.

    • Deborah, I’m a fool for awards. So thank you in advance. And, it’s okay if there’s no prize money attached. A publishing contract would be more than enough! 😉

      Henry is pleased you recognize his hard work in helping narrow down the field. He’s resting now, trying to gather his strength for our morning constitutional. 😉

  9. You deserve every award that comes your way! Your blogging is fun and entertaining and always leaves me wanting to get to know you better and spend a California weekend with you and Henry! Stay happy!

    • Oh, Marilyn. That is so sweet and very cool. I’d love you to visit, and definitely join us for the blogfest party! Enjoy the margaritas and have a good laugh with us. Henry will entertain us with stories of his youth. A sure-fire hit, if you ask me!

      • One of these days I’m going to take you up on that California weekend! I hope that blogfest party is a smashing hit! Give dear noble Henry a hug and kiss from me!

    • Jodi, you’re very welcome! I love how you’re so spiritual (something I need more of) and inspire me to be more grounded and introspective. So kudos to you, my friend.

  10. Congratulations, Monica. You’re a beautiful person as well as a writer and so deserving. I’m honored to be included in your list of writers. I’m terrible at following rules, but let me just share here that, like you, I’m an eternal optimist (despite my cynical facade sometimes.) My favorite quote: “With all this crap there’s got to be a pony.”

    Thank you and big hugs!

    • Oh, thank you, Jayne! How nice of you to say. You’ve got such great style and panache, I’m thrilled to include you, and to be following you. So, who said that quote? Pretty funny!

  11. Congratulations on all the much-deserved awards, Monica. And I love the Q&A; it’s fun learning more about you! For example, we share a passion for mango margaritas, so count me in when the celebrating begins!

  12. Huge hugs to you Monica for including me on your list of blogs to be honored. I am so touched. Count me in, I would absolutely love to have a mango margarita with you, well, er, I would actually have more than one. I can’t think of anything better than bantering into the night and laughing over everything. Can you imagine? You are so wonderful to want to take me with you to meet our beloved Colin, I would be absolutely tongue tied and you would have to do all the talking. Please know that I would definitely take you with me, if the roles were reversed 🙂

    • Aww, MM, your words touch me and make me blush. Doesn’t a mango margarita sound so good about now? Yes, we’ll drink them to our heart’s content! And, I can’t imagine seeing Colin without you. You’re the expert when it comes to all things Colin, so I’d depend on you to tell me what to say or ask, seeing how I’m going to have to do all the talking (which I don’t mind at all, to be sure!). So let’s start working on it, eh?

      • I can’t wait Monica, I’ll give you a list of questions, I would just say… um and er for most of it,very helpful as you can see- I would be so tongue tied 🙂
        I started watching ‘Tinker Taylor, Soldier Spy’ yesterday. It is clearly based on the Alec Guinness series which I loved, either I am too tired or my brain is not getting it, because I am falling asleep. I need to stick with it. Will let you know what I think.

  13. Oh, the honor is overwhelming! Me? You picked me? Lordy. What can I say? I say, write about, my friend. And may you, indeed, make it to the New York Times Best Sellers List, my friend! I’m cheering for you! Go, Monica!

    • Kathy, Kathy, you are so sweet and I love your writing, so how can I NOT pick you?? You’ve got a great story and I can’t wait to see it on the NYT Best Seller list. Maybe we’ll both be on it at the same time! 😉

  14. I am honoured that you and Henry have put my humble blog in your favourites list!
    Yours is on my blog favourites list as well, and not many make it there. I will air freight a bone over for Henry at some stage.

    So you like Europe? I have never been outside the UK I must admit, but love the Highlands of Scotland for scenery. I have many pictures taken over the years up there, some are on film so must scan them when I get some free time.

    What kind of stuff do you want to get published? As I said in an email a couple of days ago I am writing a book, I know the start, I know the middle and I know the end, just a matter now of joining them up!! Plus finding the time to do it as well of course. But we will get there eventually.

    Nice to see you try and look on the bright side of things, I try to do likewise though not always easy I must admit. There are too many miserable people in the world without me adding to the total.

    Count me in for the meeting and the miniature golf, though please take note I am left handed so add a left handed club to the list. Many years ago back in the deep distant past I played hockey for a time, and you can’t get a left handed hockey stick so that was amusing to say the least.

    • Robert, I’ve been to Europe (including England) only once so far. It is a major trip after all. And, while I was there, I loved it very much. So rich in history, art and culture. I am working, slowly and steadily, on my memoir, focusing primarily on my childhood. I think putting it all together so that is makes sense and is enjoyable to read is one of the most difficult things about writing. I struggled with my synopsis, which forces you to put it all together. I nearly gave up writing altogether because of it!

      Yes, I do look at the bright side. A regular Pollyanna, even when life is at its bleakest, those moments pass and soon I am finding the humor in things. I can’t help it. My twisted mind is constantly finding humor, sometimes, much to my chagrin.

      It’s not a meeting, Robert, it’s a party. An all night fiesta! So wear your casuals and bring your dancing shoes, and I’ll make sure we have a left-handed club for the miniature golf game. 😉

      Henry awaits his bone!

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