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Ah, the joy of words! Looks like I’m not the only one who has the word bug. Turns out many of you have it, too!

A couple of weeks ago, I shared with you some of my favorite words, in a post called, A Word About Words. And, much to my delight, you shared some of your preferences, as well as a few of the ones you’d like to see get the kiss of death.

I counted at least 40 new words that were added to the list I started. Many of you agreed that “flabbergasted” and “discombobulated” are the cat’s pajamas when it comes to words you love. Here, a few of the words that have you smitten:

Bailiwick, as in: Chasing tornadoes across the Midwest was Uncle Fonzie’s bailiwick. Taking out the trash at Aunt Renee’s behest, was not.

Comeuppance, as in: When, Agatha Dudley, out for a stroll along the Pyrénées, tripped on a compact case she had earlier lost, and fell off a cliff, plunging nearly two hundred feet into the tempestuous waters below, it occurred to little Brenda, that Agatha may have finally gotten her comeuppance.

Penultimate, as in: Trixie Bubbles was about to go on stage, wearing little more than the oversized fan she was carrying, when the director said in a hushed, panicked voice, “It’s not your turn. Your act is the penultimate one!”

Aplomb, as in: Jimmy “The Weasel” walked to his cell, stoically and with great aplomb, amidst the hoots and howls of his fellow inmates.

Juxtapose, as in: Lupita Davenport juxtaposed her need for civility against her boyfriend’s desire to go see the fights.

Canoodle, as in: With his wife, Jodi, insisting they visit her family in Spunky Puddle, Ohio, Carl wondered if it wouldn’t be more to his liking to canoodle on the couch instead.

Groovy, as in: Jayne Starr, a flower child high on life, among other things, in that moment thought that everything was, indeed, groovy.

Slew, as in: There were a slew of reasons why Alberto Phineas couldn’t go to target practice with his sister, Nancy; key among them, that the last time they’d gone, she had shot off his foot in a most unfortunate accident.

Hooligan, as in: It was a frightening turn of events when the hapless hooligan bolted in anger, all because no one at the dinner party would eat his contribution to the potluck: mussel pancakes.

Tomfoolery, as in: The sound of Big Tommy’s booming guffaw, when Little Tommy refused to stop his tomfoolery of playing in oncoming traffic, caused Grandma Tippy to jump in alarm.

As for words you didn’t like? The list was short, with the one mentioned most being, “Awesome.”

Other pet-peeve words included: Like, Plump, Phlegm, Mucus, Reality, Woot, Rural, Care, Nice, Panties and App.

If I left out your word, don’t worry. I will hopefully include it in a future post. For now, it’s your turn. Please take any of these words and create your own sentences. Or add another favorite word to the ongoing roster. I can’t wait to read your contributions!

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  1. Monica, I have to give you an idea for a great gift. I’ve done this several times. You think of words that best describe the person you want to give the gift to. You buy two Scrabble boards in order to have enough letters to work with. Then when you’ve finished arranging the words to your satisfaction on one board, super-glue the tiles securely. Then take to an art & framing place, have it beautifully matted and framed or arrange under plexiglass – or floating in plexiglass over black or silver — or anything you decide. It makes the most fantastic gift ever.

  2. You have completed this list with aplomb, but I am flabbergasted that ‘preposterous’ does not make an appearance. It’s such a groovy word for describing tomfoolery.

  3. I love the creative way you play with words. It is a pleasure to read your blog, even the comments by your wordsmith followers are a treat to read.

    • Nikky, I had no idea that juxtapose is the same in French. I’d love to learn more about the French language, so hopefully, you can teach us a word or two on your blog sometime. That would be nice. 😉

    • Renee, Renee, Renee. What are we going to do with you? Are you trying to rub the most-despised word into our grubby faces? Oh, well. Bring it on, my friend, bring it on! 😉

  4. When she realized she had juxtaposed the wrong date for the soiree on the engraved invitations, Lucretia Davenport screamed. A whole slew of “what ifs” coursed through her mind. “What if everyone comes on the wrong date?” “What if, what if, what ifs, one after another, giving her no peace but plenty of tomfoolery playing hooligan in her mind. She suspected it was her due comeuppance, she really did know better than to trick people into believing she was the ultimate party planner and raconteur. Truth be told, she was the penultimate on the “other” lists, not really doing anything with aplomb. No, party planning was not her bailiwick. It was canoodling she was after, looking for fun and feelin’ groovy. As she was kicking down the cobblestones, lo and behold a miracle happened, awesome, really. It turned out the invitation not only had the wrong date, but the wrong address, too, so she decided to give it a positive spin: Someday when you least expect it, someone is going to be very happy with the unexpected arrival of 100 new friends. And that’s what happened, and Miss Amelia Pennybaker on the other side of town became the luckiest person in town. Serendipity.

    • Karen, I didn’t know you had it in you! This is so clever and tres creative! I love your version. I think you and Robert are destined to have a showdown to see who is THE most ingenious when it comes to such a word game as this. Dare we call it a challenge? 😉

  5. Monica, I love how you’ve wrangled your reader’s picks in this fun post! I’m a canoodle fan. Here’s my sentence: “I can’t think of anything more groovy than a prolonged canoodle with Javier Bardem.” Yes, it’s Javier’s turn. I’ve allowed Jim Caviezel to go on summer break! Besides, with my upcoming trip to Spain, I find myself to be in the mood for something a little Spanish! ha! 🙂

    • Bella, I love the way you find yourself having to choose between the two “J’s.” Javier or Jim. Canoodling with Javier? I hope that canoodle lasts forever and you have a wonderful time. Of course, Jim may get a little jealous, so brace yourself… 😉

  6. What an interesting post! Count me in the group who loves to browse through word books, dictionaries, thesauri, etc. No way I’ll even try topping Robert!

  7. She finally got her comeuppance, as her wicked ways met a dark end. Her children marched through the village with graceful aplomb to a juxtaposition of cheers and jeers from a slew of supporters and those who had come to ruin the children’s day with their hooligan ways. Wow! Monica, that wasn’t easy, but it was a lot of fun. 🙂

    My other favorite word is Curmudgeon: as in crusty, ill tempered and stubborn.

  8. This is the best I can come up with Monica.

    On the Penultimate day and with great aplomb and after a quick canoodle the hooligan got his comeuppance as his car slewed across the rural road. His girlfriend did not think it was at all groovy and wet her panties making them moist. He was going to pay for his tomfollery and it was in no way awesome. Crying and coughing up Phlegm and Mucus his plump girlfriend climed out of the car nice and slow and with care flabbergasted that in reality she was with an idiot!!!!.

    Phew I am exhausted now after that.

    Trust you like it Monica

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