I Want My Warm Weather Back!

To all of you living in Chicago, New York, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Washington D.C. and the like:

Here in Southern California, we haven't seen temperatures above 60 degrees ever since our warm weather was kidnapped and moved to Chicago, New York and the like. (photo: Lee Wag)

I know where your cold weather went. It’s here in San Diego, and it’s waiting for you to claim it.

Yep, I saw what you did. Don’t think I can’t see you, wearing your tees, flip-flops and shorts on Lake Michigan, thinking you’re so cool enjoying your unusually mild weather. Sure, there you are, playing Frisbee, which is so out of the norm where you live. But trust me, it’s par for the course here. All YEAR ROUND. At least, it was until you absconded with it!

So give it up, hand it over and stop your tomfoolery. Stat.

For, I know what you’re up to. You are holding our warm, balmy weather hostage and we’re not falling for it.

Furthermore, the ransom you are requesting is moot. Non-negotiable, as we, who live in Southern California, already pay a heft price for the privilege of our warm, comfortable climate. The rent alone is highway robbery. And our motto is: Not a penny more!

So, give us our weather back now. After all, we don’t do well with these blustery, icy-cold record low temps we’re having. We’re absolutely freezing here! We don’t own the wardrobe for this kind of weather—and we don’t know how to drive in it. Do you know how many accidents we had this weekend, all because of the freezing rain and hail? Well, I don’t know either, but I’m pretty sure it was at least, a gazillion.

What’s more, there’s been a shortage of hot cocoa mix in the grocery stores and a run on umbrellas and scarves since your cold weather arrived. And, last I checked, they’re no longer making fur-lined bikinis, for those daring enough to still go in the ocean.

So, whatever you did to get rid of your lousy weather, undo it now. Hop on a plane and come pick it up, or give us your mailing address and we’ll get it shipped back. Heck, I’ll even cover the costs of overnight shipping.

And in return, all we ask, all we want, is our WARM WEATHER BACK! And that includes the sun!

Now, if you still insist on keeping our weather, then don’t come back and whine when you start experiencing wild fires, mudslides and earthquakes. After all, these little bundles of nature go hand in hand. Quid pro quo.

So, I’m closing my eyes and counting to 100. And, when I open them, my good weather better be back and your icy temps gone, once and for all. No questions asked. Let bygones be bygones and old acquaintance be forgot, and, well, you get my drift. Deal?

60 thoughts on “I Want My Warm Weather Back!

    • Totally on board, Becky, and from what I can tell, (though I am keeping my fingers crossed!), the good weather has been coming slow and steady. The last couple of days we’ve seen some nice sunny weather. Let’s hope it stays this way!

  1. Monica, you poor thing! And now that your daughter is visiting for Spring break! Tragic indeed, sister! I won’t rub salt in your wound and tell you that for the past two days I’ve been going out sans jacket and even little Roxy has started wearing her little spring tee shirt! How’s Sir Henry taking the change of weather? You’d figure he’d be happy since the cold freezing rain must remind him of jolly England! hee hee! Here’s crossing my fingers that your balmy weather will be returned to you soon, fog and all! 🙂

    • Actually, our nice weather has started to return! Today was sunny and breezy. Not warm, but good enough. At least, it’s not raining. I don’t mind the rain, but would appreciate it holding off until after my daughter returns to school in just a few days. Sigh. 😦

  2. I can’t complain being a resident of San Francisco. We’re by passing winter all together. I know I should hang my head in shame, but the coldest it’s been is … maybe 40. I know, i know, I’m pathetic. In my defense, I grew up in Southern California and naturally wimping.

  3. If you get your warm weather back, my daughter will stay in SoCal forever. . . which means I may one day become a California girl myself.

    • Deborah, I would love it if you end up becoming a California gal, too. In fact, I would personally be there, at the official California Welcome/Information booth to greet you, and give you a map and a heads up on all the best spots. But, until then, hands off our great, balmy weather! And take back your cold snaps, once and for all! 🙂

  4. Guess what…I’m coming to San Diego with my sister in a few weeks so I’ll bring you PLENTY of warm weather from Texas..hehe. Also, on a side note, I haven’t forgotten about you letter! I promise it’s coming soon!

    • OMG! Is this your first time out here? You’re going to love it! So much to do here. I just hope our weather is better by the time you arrive. And I was starting to wonder if I’ll ever see your letter. I’m still wondering… 😉

  5. I’m right there with you in SoCal shivering. I feel like such a wimp, but it has been pretty cold and blustery. This Friday starts spring break for my daughter and three of her friends. Our small apartment will be filled with College Chicks Gone Wild (Oh God, let’s hope not…even as I write this I feel like running for a Valium…especially if this weather doesn’t change!)

    • Annie, enjoy your time with your girl. Hope the weather is better by then. Today was a lovely day, chilly, but lovely. My daughter is home this week and was so looking forward to our sunny weather. She’s gotten several days of freezing rain, so today was her first day home with nice weather. I’m hoping it stays this way!

  6. No deal. I will consider a financial exchange (in case your thin blood can’t hold out under your current conditions), but until and unless you’re willing to put cash on the table, do enjoy the Chicago version of spring.

  7. This is what needs to be done. Those of us in Arizona and California need to take a trip to those state that have stolen our weather and kick their butts until they hand it over. If they want AZ or west coast weather, well dammit they can move here!

  8. Monica,
    I’m in Minnesota and we are wearing shorts and sandles. WTH?

    Usually we are still having snow-storms & snow-days.

    it must be the “End of the World” or something.

    thinking of you sipping your hot cocoa & sending you warm kisses. 🙂 x

    • Yes, I like the rain, but not the rain AND cold. Plus, if it had to be like this, couldn’t come on a different week, when my daughter is not home for Spring Break? After all, I want her to remember why she loves this place so much, so that she’ll want to return after she graduates. But this bad weather isn’t helping my case one bit! 😉

    • I’m trying, Ash, I’m trying. It’s not easy though. Those folks in the midwest, east, and Canada are all relishing our weather and seem reluctant to return it. I may need support from the military. Luckily, here in SD, we have plenty!

  9. I know what you’re saying. I live in Calgary and we’re “seasonal.” But in Winnipeg (where I grew up), it was 80 F yesterday! That’s north of North Dakota. To put that in perspective, of all cities in the world with a population above 500,000, Winnipeg is the coldest. Just. Not. Yesterday.

    • 80 degrees yesterday? That is so unfair! If I was a kid I’d probably be having a tantrum about now. Yesterday, we had Chicago weather–cold, blustery and extremely windy. Today, more cold and rain. Maybe I should be moving to Winnipeg? It’s a whole lot warmer there than here. Yikes! 😉

  10. We could blame it on Sarah…perhaps it stowed away in her suitcase? But then again I’m guessing she would have checked for that while packing. There is no way she would have allowed this to come with her!

    • No, I thoroughly checked her baggage and didn’t find any traces of cold weather. In fact, it was sunny and warm there when she left. No, I think we need Sherlock Holmes on the case to find our purloined weather.

    • Well, Julie, we’ll just see about that! Even if I have to come to St Louis, riding on my high horse, I’ll get to the bottom of this switcheroo and leave you with months and months of cold, rain and sleet, to boot. How’s that?!

      Of course, you’re welcome to visit anytime you’re feeling nostalgic for our beautiful weather. 🙂

  11. I’m about willing to give up the warm weather weirdness. It’s bizarre. This is like climate change on crack. I’m ready to kick the habit–come clean–shiver a little. You hand over the fur-lined bikinni, I’ll gladly give up the weather for another month or so. Then we’ll have to reconvene this meteorlogical summit. Deal?

  12. You expressed my sentiments exactly! Yesterday, mid-state we had snow, hail, rain, wind, sun — rinse and repeat all day long. Don’t the weather gods know we’re weather weenies here in California?

    • Jayne, you crack me up! Yes, we are weather weenies–and that’s coming from me who grew up in New York. But after 20 years of living here, I honestly have forgotten what it’s like to live where winter comes head on and stays for months. Yikes. Get me to a warm sunny beach with a piña colada at once! 😉

      Oh, and as for the weather gods? Well, the gods, they must be crazy!

  13. My daughter called from Chicago yesterday and said she was sitting out on the patio under the sunshine studying, while I was curled up tight in the house, with hail, yes I said hail, in San Diego pelting down. Go figure!

    • Oh Susan, as you know my daughter is here this week and for only one week. She was so looking forward to our So Cal weather but ended up leaving the 70 plus degree weather in the midwest to come home to a full-blown winter! Sheesh.

  14. So THIS is what Southern California is like year-round?? Perhaps I should move. Here in the Midwest, we’re experiencing an unexpectedly warm early Spring, more like June than March. Our trees are budding, flowers are up, the sun’s out, and it’s drop-dead gorgeous! No Way would I consider parting with it — well, except for the thunderstorms and tornadoes. They can go away any time! Sorry you’re having such lousy weather, but that’s what we get most winters. Awful, ain’t it?!

    • Debbie,
      If you want this kind of weather 90% of the year, then yes, you’ll need to move here. In the meantime, cough it up! You know very well it doesn’t belong to you Midwesterners. And while you’re at it, take this high-fallutin’ wind that is doing a number on my hair! 😉

  15. We’ve had houseguests visiting from Iowa. They wanted a sunny late winter break, but it was warmer there than here. Ugh! Rain, rain go away… I’m ready for summer right now.

  16. Sorry! I’m loving this warm March here in NJ, but, if it’s any consolation, everyone’s seasonal allergies kicked in early too–BIG TIME, so at least we’re paying for taking your weather! 🙂

    • Lisa, I don’t know what to say except my weather has overstayed it’s visit to your neck of the woods, and it must come back. It MUST!! 😉 We are weaklings when it comes to putting up with the cold.

  17. Sorry Monica, I can’t give up my NC sunny and seventy weather. In fact, today may get near 80! But a little later, when the steamy humidity makes every day a bad hair day, let’s deal.

  18. Monica, fantastic as always. Something is going on on this earth? eh? Crazy weather reversal. I want to enjoy it here in NY, but it worries me!

    • As my mother used to say, this too, shall pass. Hopefully, I’ll get my warm weather back soon, once and for all. At which point, I’ll be keeping it under lock and key! 😉

    • Well said, Carl. A typical San Diego day, along the coast in the summer, is in the mid-70’s. If you drive 10 miles inland, the temperature soars to 95 degrees, but not a drop of humidity. Drive an hour to Calexico, and it’s 110. Gotta love it.

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