Six Degrees from Fame

Some people are just six degrees of separation away from Kevin Bacon. Well, I am six degrees of separation away from just about everyone else. Clearly, that can only mean one thing:  I’m famous! I dare you. Name one famous person—as long as they’re not from a reality show, that is–and chances are, you will find that we are kindred spirits. Odds are, I can show you that we have at least one thing in common.  Here are a few, just to get you started:

Note the watch. I have the exact, same one! How uncanny is that? Photograph from People Magazine.

Bruce Springsteen:  No brainer. We share the same birthday, September 23rd. Look it up if you don’t believe me! Plus, he’s from New Jersey and I’m from New York. Why that’s practically one and the same, if you ask me!

Amanda Knox:  Now, if you had asked me last month, I would have said, what? Me and Amanda? That’s crazy talk. But, now I know better. That girl and I are two peas in a pod. She’s from Seattle and I lived there once. She spent a couple of years in an Italian prison and I visited Italy once. And we both wear the same Swatch. I bought mine in France during a trip there, and she must have acquired hers while serving time. I’m assuming it came with the prison garb. In any case, do you  see how much we have in common? It’s plain eerie if you ask me.

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates:  These two weren’t particularly fond of each other, but that’s nothing compared to what they both thought about me:  Nothing! They never gave me a second thought, for crying out loud. Nor a first thought, for that matter. It was as if I didn’t exist in their eyes. But here’s the clincher: all three of us were born in the same year. You can look it up if you don’t believe me, but why should I lie? I have nothing to gain, except my six degrees, that is.

Princess Diana:  I wrote a whole blog once on all that the People’s Princess and I had in common. What’s more, she had ties to royalty and so do I, in that, my dog, Henry, is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Which means, he descends from royalty. Need I say more?

Kevin Bacon:  He’s married to Kyra Sedgewick and her show, The Closer, was one of my favorites. Plus, I’m fond of eggs and bacon for breakfast.

Bernie Madoff:  We’re both from New York. He allegedly made investments; I invested a little in stock once. His was a Ponzi scheme, of course, and my investment ended up losing money thanks to the economy. Anyway, Bernie went to prison and I once considered dating men in prison. Sheesh, give me a break. Men in stripes are an untapped dating market, after all.

Brian Williams:  He has a nightly news show, which I watch regularly. He also makes guest appearances on two of my favorite shows (not counting The Closer):  30 Rock and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Bingo!

Joy Behar:  Joy Behar is a hoot and I like her a lot.  If I met her on the street, I’m sure we’d be fast friends. We’re both from New York and we both have New York accents, though mine is better. Sends chills down my spine to even think about how alike that makes us.

Courtney Cox:  My name is Monica and she played a character named Monica on some show about relationships. I’m blanking on the name of the show, but, trust me, it was funny. Besides, the character she played was a chef and I spent a whole day working in a McDonald’s while in college, and I’d probably still be there right now if it hadn’t been for an early spring blizzard in May. Plus, her show was on TV and I love watching TV. Enough said.

So you see? I’m just a few degrees away from just about any celeb. Ergo, I must be a celebrity at heart! So, now that I’ve proved I’m famous, how about you? Which personality are you six degrees from?

55 thoughts on “Six Degrees from Fame

  1. Okay, that’s a better way of doing 6 degrees. I thought you had to have a ‘direct’ mutual connection to have that, so…I’m more (famous) than I thought I was. GREAT info. Besides anyone who digs The Closer (tv show) is my kinda peeps!

    • One thing you should know about me, is that I like to make up my own rules. I have no idea as the Six degrees thing is supposed to go, I’m just winging it and having fun in the process! Thanks for reading!

      The Closer rocks! (I’m so sad the series ended.)

  2. Sister! I have three Swatch watches purchased in France. Can’t stay away from that store in the Carrousel (I’d check the spelling on that but then I might lose this page) of the Louvre. And I’m old enough to be your mother, or maybe even to be your grandma.

    Love the look!

    • I have quite a few, but only one was purchased in France. This one. For a while, I was collecting Swatches. They’re so colorful and snazzy! I doubt you’re old enough to be my grandma. I’m a Baby Boomer after all! 😉

  3. Incredible! You’re totally famous! And I especially like the Amanda Knox swatch connection. Mostly because, that swatch is awesome.


  4. All kidding aside, I think this is a very serious post. I truly believe that any two strangers can meet and find their own six degrees of separation. It’s remarkable! Thanks for the laugh 🙂

    • You’re welcome! Thanks for stopping by and taking it all in with a grain of salt. I must say, I think you’re right. Which is why I opened my post by putting out the challenge of naming any celeb, and I can find something we have in common. But I could easily extend it to just about anyone (it’s just that I happen to be partial to celebs, hoping their fame and fortune will somehow rub off on me. 😉 )

  5. I’m literally connected to Enrique Iglesias. We share the same relatives. Same ancestor from Spain who immigrated to the Philippines. I’m from the Philippines, , Iglesias ‘s mom is, too/. \(^_^)/ Not kidding.

  6. LOL — The “swatch watch” comparison really sent me into fits! You are so lucky to be so close to sooo many famous persons! You make me LOL!!!

    • Do you know that is was the Swatch that started it all. When I saw it in the magazine, I screamed. Amanda and I have so much in common, I told my daughter. Then, it got me thinking, just how much I have in common with so many other celebs. But from now on, I will always have a soft spot in my heart for Amanda. I’m also impressed that the Italian jails issue the Swatches as part of the prison garb. I always knew Italy had fashion sense! 😉

  7. What a crazy funny piece. Now you’ve got me thinking. I can start with your Gates/Job connection because they wouldn’t know me from Adam. Ergo, if we’re both related to the computer kings you and I must be cousins. Hey, cuz! When should I be there for Thanksgiving dinner?

    • Hah! You hit the nail on the head. Indeed, that makes us cousins, and because you’re family I suggest you arrive for Thanksgiving the Sunday before so that you can help cook the dinner! And, if not too much trouble, cuz, help clean the house, too. 🙂

  8. Very funny. My brain is too fried to think of any famous connections, but just because I am rather braindead at the moment, must put me in some really good company!

  9. Monica, first of all, I love the new digs! Second of all, this post is hilarious! Oh girl, you are good! I’m six degrees away from Penelope Cruz. Why? Because she’s Spanish and so am I. She’s married to Javier Bardem and I should have been the one to marry him. She’s one of Pedro Almodovar’s girls and I love Pedro Almodovar. Need I say more? 🙂

    • No need to say more. This is definitely a case that was meant to be. You and Javier are made for each other. And you and Penelope are so alike that you might as well be one and the same. Ergo, you are indeed married to Javier! Congratulations, mi’ja!

  10. Hi Monica. Shakespeare is said to have written a great deal at Rufford Old Hall, the ancient seat of the Hesketh family, who I am directly descended from. I figure we’re practically cousins and I can’t tell you how terrific it makes me feel!!!

  11. Don’t forget that you like to wear the color orange and Amanda Knox wore orange every day for a few years!

  12. Okay, Monica – you’ve got me thinking. I wrote a blog post on my uncanny similarity to Nancy Shevall (aka the new Mrs. Paul McCartney) – She’s in the transportation business, I’m a travel writer; she’s a brunette – I have been on occasion. Not to mention we’re both head-over-heels for Sir. Paul. Then there’s Kevin Costner. Okay, I’m still looking for that connection – but isn’t his wife from Seattle? That’s where I live! Thanks for the chuckle, Monica ~

    • As someone who used to live in Seattle, I say forget about Nancy Shevall (your namesake) and Mr. Costner. You and I are like sisters!! And that’s something you can take to the bank! Besides, I just adore Paul, too, so maybe we’re twins!

  13. My brother did a bunch of research on our family history and told me we were distantly related to Madonna. Then he said, “Don’t get too excited. It’s so far back that there’s bound to have been some infidelity so we likely share no DNA whatsoever.”

    And that explains why I can’t sing.

    • Oh, Leanne, I love your comments, but let’s keep a positive outlook and say you and Madonna are two peas in a pod. She may have gotten the singing genes, but you’re just as talented and creative–through your writing and parenting skills. So you take the cake!

  14. This is hysterical. My personal favorite is your connection to Jobs and Gates. Great that you found a way to link all humanity while keeping us laughing. Makes me think about who I could be related to…I’m going big on this one!

    Love the new look, Monica. You crack me up!

    • Being connected to Jobs and Gates is no laughing matter. They are the sacred cows of my generation which must make me one, too! In some circles (mine and my dog, Henry) we are considered the Three Musketeers. So, I’m wondering, Annie, can you top that? 😉

  15. So much fun Monica. I guess then I’m 6 degrees away from Gene Kelly, as he and I share a June 14 birthday! By the way, love the new look and your signature owl is, like you, a HOOT!

  16. I’m six degrees away from Beyonce (she sings, and I try to); Tom Watson (he golfs, I try to); and Paul Harvey (he writes; so do I). All of them share my birthday in September. What fun, imagining all the interesting things we could converse about, were we lucky enough to be seated together at dinner or something! Love your new purpley look, too!

    • Oh, as soon as you said Beyonce, I immediately recognized the connection. Paul Harvey, too, though I would prefer to say I’m six degrees away from Charles Dickens. (I actually knew someone who was a descendent of Dickens–so that makes me almost like his love child.)

      I’m actually also connected to Judy Garland. Not because of all the pills she took, but because I love singing, “Over the Rainbow” while in the shower. So, another relationship that was meant to be!

  17. This was a fun post. You got me thinking now…

    I’m six degrees away from Madonna. She was born in August. So was I. She worked in Dunkin Donuts before fame. I like donuts. Madonna had her first child in October. I had my second the same month. Madonna thinks she’s sexy. Hey, I feel like I’m all that too when I’m not walking around in my pjs.She can dance. I try really hard.

  18. Ha! ha! 🙂 Monica, what a lovely way to begin my morning. My kids just left for school and I saw your post in my inbox. Love the Princess Diana, Courtney Cox and Joy Behar bits. I’m a huge Monarchist – I’m just obsessed. I don’t know if it is because I come from a commonwealth country or it is that I am simply an anglophile… um, Jane Austen, Colin Firth, Duran Duran, The Beatles, I could go on and on.. Oh and I love the new look.

    • Honey, whatever the reason, I’m right there with you, but there’s one more name I’d throw into the pile: Pierce Brosnan. Ooh, I love that man from way back when he was starring in Remington Steele. If your not familiar with that TV series, may I suggest finding it online? Perhaps, Netflix. 😉

      • Oh my gosh, I loved Remington Steele. I wanted to have Stephanie Zimbalist’s( not sure of spelling) hair 🙂 back then. Don’t you think Pierce Brosnan is one of very few that has retained his looks? I just wish he could sing a bit better, oh well, we have Colin for that 😉

      • I’m probably one of the few who liked Pierce’s singing in Mamma Mia. To me, he sounded a lot like Bruce Springsteen. I started watching Remington Steele way back when because of my admiration for Stephanie Zimbalist’s work, but I soon develop a deep crush on Pierce. It was the only time I ever wrote a fan letter and, in return, I received an autographed glossy of him! 😉

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