The Road Taken: Poetry Session

I love poetry and, in my youth, I was quite prolific. I wrote these poems during the time I was taking a creative writing class with Rick. These poems can each stand on their own. But, they do have a back story.

The first one is about the time Rick and I skipped out of class. You can read about it in my story, The Road Taken: Running. You’ll learn the story behind the second one by reading, The Road Taken: Strawberries on a Blue Plate.  Enjoy!

One Wild Night

We tore off our mittens, stashed them away,

Pressed our hands together and ran down the street:

So Free!

The chilling night swirling on our knuckles,

Spinning fantasies on our souls,

Felt good…

A man with a saxophone,

Hot sounds in the icy wind,

Made you laugh and I almost told you then,

But it was all so perfect, so rare,

Rubbing our hands together, my tingling fingers reached for yours,

You laughed some more as I leaned closer,

Thinking we were two crazy people on a wild night,

Out for a good time,

So Free!

Rites of Summer

I remember the strawberries,

Oh, God they were good!

On that long-ago day by the Hudson,

Where we sat on a hill,

Sharing a brief moment,

Longing it to last forever,

Feeling that it could,

A quite breeze,

Your soft laughter,

Your folded hands,

All seemed so golden, so serene.

Summer reflecting on the blue plate between us,

Dusted with breakfast crumbs, morning jam,

Unspoken words.

You leaned closer,

Reaching for a strawberry,

The last one,

I whispered something,

Perhaps a dream?

I watched the strawberry

Slip through your parted lips.

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21 thoughts on “The Road Taken: Poetry Session

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    • Thank you so kindly! There was a time when the idea of writing stories, even short ones, was so daunting that the only way I could tell mine was through poetry. So I have many such poems. Maybe soon I’ll share another. Thanks for stopping by. I always love getting comments from you!

    • Kim, You’re such a pro at expressing yourself, that I so appreciate you taking time to read and offer your comments. I have always loved the strawberry imagery, so finely capturing my feelings in that moment, that I’m thrilled you like it, too.

  2. Woman, these are amazing! Filled with vivid imagery, I had no difficulty in seeing scene after scene like frames in a film. Lovely, just lovely, Mon!

    • Thank you immensely, Bella.It means everything to me to know that you see these poems for what they are–love letters to days gone by. They say a picture is worth 1,000 words, but not when it comes to poetry. That’s in a class by itself. 😉

  3. Ohmygosh, Monica, those are the most beautiful poems, they completely express the way I always feel when I think I’m totally in love — every atom of your being feels like a poem come alive, finely tuned to music, the wind, the food, to life, you can hardly stand it and then at the same time you can’t get enough, and when it doesn’t last, a crash like an avalanche.

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