Stylin’ with Twitter!

Or, how a Gal from Queens found a way to make Twitter work for her to get the purse of her dreams!

It’s unanimous. The vote is in.  I’m a Twitterholic, plain and simple.  There’s no denying it any longer.

Friends, you all know how just months ago, I was Twitter-wary.  I signed up for an account, as a way to build awareness for my blog, and was certain that if I didn’t keep up with the fast-paced, breakneck speed of tweeting, I’d choke and fall into a pile of scrap metal. I was a disaster waiting to happen.  An Edsel amidst a highway of Ferrari’s.

Well, not true anymore.  I get it now.  Turns out, you don’t have to go fast and get your panties all in a tizzy.  You don’t even have to defy the laws of gravity. You just need to know what you want out of tweeting and how to make it work for you.  Twitter is social media at its finest! Thanks to tweeting, I’ve got the world on a string and I’m sitting on a rainbow.  I’m no longer Twitter-dee and Twitter-dum.  Instead, I’m Twitter-happy and Twitter-savvy!

Need proof? Consider this. As of today, I’m included on 14 Twitter lists, which means I’m respectable enough to be on lists created by other tweeters. Lists that help them stay organized and follow tweets by category—whether by city, interests, or profession. Such lists as “Klck-asswriters,” “Brilliant-bloggers” and “Positive-kismet.” Which makes me grin from ear to ear!

Tweeting is a great way to connect with people you like, including celebs (Steve Martin is so funny to follow!).  It can be a fount of information—it’s how I learned that Christine Aguilera botched up the national anthem during the Super Bowl, and that Osama Bin Laden had finally bought the farm. It’s a super way to establish ties with others who share your interests, including brands and retailers you like.  And it’s one of the best ways I know of getting the purse of your dreams! WAIT a minute. Purse? You betcha!

Which brings me to my favorite social media story.  Once upon a time, there was a gal from, ahem, Queens—we’ll call her @monicastangled—who loved to shop at Nordstrom’s. She was one of their most loyal customers! So much so, that on her birthday, her good friend, Trish (aka, @tbrsd), took her to lunch at the Nordstrom’s Café, where they enjoyed Nordies’ famous, yummy Roma Tomato Basil Soup. Afterward, they met Patrice, an amazing Nordstrom stylist, who helped pick out beautiful, stylish clothes for the birthday gal. Soon, they developed a very nice rapport, thus helping @monicastangled become très chic, indeed.

Then, last week, the Nordies Anniversary sale began. Lo and behold, @monicastangled saw a stunning, ultra smart Kate Spade New York purse on the Nordstrom website. It was a must have!

Too bad for @monicastangled, the purse was not available, not on the website, not at her local Nordstrom or anywhere else.  Crestfallen, @monicastangled wondered how she would manage without the purse–and then it hit her!

As luck would have it, @monicastangled is a Twitter enthusiast and, among her followers is Northwest/Northern California regional manager, @NordstromDoug.  He had noticed just how much she likes Nordies and started following her (though not in a stalker way by any means).  So @monicastangled decided to tweet her dilemma:

“@NordstromDoug Patrice, my Nordies stylist, is looking for #KateSpade purse 361292 black. Can you help?”

And thus kicked off what has gone down in the history books as,  “The Great Kate Spade Purse Caper of 2011!”


@NordstromDoug enlisted help by retweeting to @NordySanda–who is a tweeter extraordinaire based at Nordstrom’s flagship store in Seattle–and who right away started tweeting about the situation, heretofore known as, Operation Purse Rescue. Here’s what she wrote:

“@nordstromdoug @Monicastangled I can double check when I’m back @NordstromSea tomorrow. That was a popular item!”

Determined to find the purse, @NordySanda left no stone unturned and no store un-searched. After a few back and forth calls with Patrice, who was also working briskly to hunt down the purse, a miracle occurred. Somewhere in the nation, someone returned the purse to their local Nordstrom and, before you can say, “I’m a Fashionista,” the edict had been sent out to:

HOLD that handbag for the Gal from Queens!

And so @monicastangled and her purse were united at last, and all was well with the world—thanks to the know-how of the hard-working team at Nordstrom’s and, of course, a very special thanks to Twitter, which brought them all together.  And, in a final tweet, @NordySanda wrote,

“@monicastangled So glad we were able to find your @katespadeny Joelle handbag! Enjoy! It was a team effort:)”

And they all lived happily ever after. Which, if you ask me, is as good as it gets.


47 thoughts on “Stylin’ with Twitter!

  1. I’m always amused at how new users to Twitter are like, “How do you work this site?” And after a while of using the site, when they’ve got it all figured out, they love it! 🙂

    It’s wonderful, really, how we can keep in touch across miles using the Internet. And Twitter. I manage to keep in touch with friends in other countries through DMing them on Twitter, which is just fantastic, really.

    I was a Twitter newbie too, once upon a time. It’s great to see that people still love joining the conversation on the site.

    – Ashley

  2. Monica, I wonder if I can use Twitter to bring me and Javier Bardem together. What do you think? Oh, and I need some cool Ray Ban wayfarers. Mine were stolen. 🙂

    • Mija, all you gotta do is tweet him. Send him a DM, assuming, of course, he’s on Twitter.

      Ray Bans stolen? Dios mio! One more thing you and I have in common, btw, I own two pairs. One black, one red. Love my Ray Bans! I assume you’ll do a post about the case of the missing RB’s? Or, at least, tweet it? 😉

  3. So glad for your Twitter success story, Monica. I bow to your Twitter-savyness. I’m still trying to figure out what to tweet, who to follow, how to work it and how to make it work for me. But I will take your lessons and try to make them mine.

  4. This is a great story.. You should float by the Nordies marketing department. You never know. I am always in awe of a woman who knows how to shop. I’ve been by your site before, but being reacquainted via our blogger’s ball. On another note, your posts are enjoyable and always bring a smile to my face.. Tweet or not to tweet.. I have an account but have not made the commitment.

    • Thanks, Brenda! You should definitely jump in and become a Twitter enthusiast. There already are many stories like mine. Folks who tweet have a powerful platform at their fingertips, especially if they do it right. So step in and take your seat at the table, my friend!

    • Wow, you’re a Twitter veteran by today’s standards. And I’m somewhere in between, have started tweeting last fall. Felt like I was entering a mine field. My, how a few months can make a difference. I’m a believer in the power of social media to make an impact!
      Thanks for stopping by. Glad you find my blog enjoyable!

  5. Hi, Monica! You know how sometimes you have a day when you wonder where all the nice people have gone? Well, now I know to turn to Twitter on those days, as it appears to be the finder of all good in the world 🙂

  6. Anything that makes you get the purse of your dreams is gold standard in my book! Twitter can be overwhelming, but it’s an amazing tool, especially when you use Tweetdeck.

    Oh, and hi from the SheWrites Blog Hop!

  7. WOW. You make me (almost) want to tackle Twitter. I am on there.. I tweet about once or twice a day… BUT.. I have not mastered the # this and FF that… 😉

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. And YES – I will write about the interesting gathering tonight… I … only… hope…. I … can…. do… it! 😉

    • When I first got on Twitter, it was overwhelming. I felt like there was too much to keep track of, including # and FF. Perseverance and practice. Keep tweeting and the rest will come! I’m following you now. 🙂

  8. This is such a great story! I love how you told it. And a great way to really entice the reader at the beginning. New follower in me!

    From Lady Bloggers society! 😀

    • Thanks, Kaley! I was actually inspired to tell it this way by years of watching “Sex and the City,” in which, especially during the first couple of seasons, Carrie Bradshaw would tell stories about fellow New Yorkers, that sounded kind of like fairy tales. 😉

      Thanks for stopping by from the Tea Party!

  9. I just love when things work out like this…. way to utilize your resources to make things happen! And, a great example of customer service!

    So glad you were able to get the purse!
    (visiting from LBS)

    • It’s truly a happily ever after ending, which could only have happened through Twitter. And the folks at Nordstrom are really committed to their customers. I’m living proof!

  10. Hey…that’s my “brilliant bloggers” list you’re on — well deserved, too!


    I wish I shared the same affinity for Twitter. It’s supposed to be about social marketing, right? Well, it just seems so random to me … unless you’re on all day, every day, I feel like it’s a marketing tool without a target that doesn’t seem to drive a whole lot of traffic (and I’m not one of those people who constantly posts blog link after blog link, because then I just feel like I’m annoying everyone). And as a social tool, unless you’re on all day, every day, you rarely “see” people that I’m dying to connect with! Maybe I need to curtail my list — I don’t know…

    But then, I’ve never had the need to embark on the Great Purse Search of 2011. Maybe THEN I would see the value…


    So glad you were reunited with your long lost love, Monica. Nordstroms knows customer service!

    • Yes, Mikalee, and I thank you for putting me on your Brilliant list, with emphasis on “Brilliant.” Twitter is a great way to bypass the middle man and go directly to the head of the class. It’s about finding your interest and those who share it, and tooting your horn along the way. I agree, it can’t be only about notifying folks of your latest post. I also use it as a tool to cheer others on, helping others build their followers. Retweeting their tweets, their posts, etc.

      Build up the community and the community will build up around you! So, as my old pal, @Nike would say, JUST DO IT!

  11. Dear, Monica,
    I looooooooved this post!
    Tweeting is Tantastic 🙂
    I love how you got that purse; how you were united together. Fianlly.
    I’m just learning the “Art of Twitter,”
    Here’s what I thought. If somebody like Kim Kardashian (whom has 6 million followers mind you)tweeted my “domestic violence” section, It would bring HUGE awareness with one CLICK. just one lousy click.
    She has not tweeted me back. The nerve of stars nowadays.
    Anyhow, I shall Tweet this blog Immediatley. xxx

    • Keep persevering, Kim. Try a different tactic, even a different celeb. I don’t know much about any of the Kardashian’s. Is domestic violence Kim’s cause?

      Thanks for tweeting my post!

  12. It has been great reading about your evolution regarding Twitter. I remember laughing about your blog of just a few months ago. So it is only a matter of time before your Nordstrom helpers get a well-deserved pat on the back or, better yet, a promotion. Meanwhile, your blog will travel up the ladder at Nordstrom promotion team, and please keep us posted when you receive your Nordstrom reward package for flagging their social media skills and reaching new audiences. May you get several outfits picked out by your stylist and more…Let them consider sending you to their flagship store.

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