The Bad Luck Blues

Ever have one of those days where nothing seems to go right?  Well my friend, Clare, has been having such a day, except her day’s lasted about a year. Yep, if you ask me, Clare has been having a prolonged case of the bad luck blues. Which is probably why I keep asking myself, Why do bad things happen to good people?

Clare deserves to win the lottery, or a round of Go Fish, to help shake away her bad luck blues.

Here’s where her bad luck streak started:  Last fall, after a night of partying and drinking with her buddies, Clare, feeling a little tipsy, decided to take a cab home.  Turns out the cab driver had friends in low places. As soon as the driver pulled up on Clare’s street, the cab was surrounded by miscreants with ammo.  It proved to be a rather harrowing moment for Clare, who cleverly escaped by jumping out of the car and making a mad dash for her apartment, whereupon she hid under the dining table.

Clare remained under the table while the gunfire ricocheted around her neighborhood. She even managed to call the police, that is, once she was able to pry apart her fingers, which had been tightly wrapped around her cell phone. When the police finally arrived, that’s where they found her–tucked underneath the table in a fetal position.  Way to go, Clare!

This episode was followed by a less terrifying one, when a lady with blue-haired dreadlocks, who clearly was not paying attention, drove her car smack into the door of Clare’s car, just as she was disembarking from the driver’s side. This knocked Clare for a loop and the car door to the ground.  As providence would have it, the dreadlock lady was not insured. Adding insult to injury, the entire door had to be replaced.

About two months after that, sometime in the middle of the night, a quiet, unassuming fellow ran into the other side of Clare’s car. Fortunately, he left a note. Unfortunately, the other side of the car had to be replaced, but fortunately, he was insured (Take that, dreadlock lady!).  Good news for Clare!

Several weeks later, on a dark and stormy night, Clare’s apartment was broken into and, among the things stolen were Clare’s jewelry, perfume, one of her stereo speakers, and all her craft supplies, right down to her knitting needles. Oh, and all of her makeup and electric toothbrush, too. Talk about a bizarro robbery! Was this the work of a 20-something woman, about to move out on her own? She must have been thinking,

“Why shop at Bed Bath & Beyond, when you can do one-stop shopping at Clare’s?”

Super-sleuth Clare later discovered a speaker, exactly like hers, for sale on Craig’s List. “Jackpot!” she cried, as she made contact with the seller to catch them at their own game. The police even helped set up a sting operation to get her goods back, but this turned out to be a false alarm, and Clare wasn’t able to recover any of her stuff. Disappointing? Yes, though I’m not really sure Clare wanted her toothbrush back.

Turns out, the robbers weren’t finished with Clare. Unbeknownst to her, they had one more thing of hers—a set of car keys.  Clare had not noticed the keys missing, so was caught unawares a few nights later when (you guessed it), they came back for the car.

Bad luck is supposed to come in three’s, but in Clare’s case, it’s coming in about three dozen’s, give or take a few. Many a friend has tried to tell Clare that it’s time to read the writing on the wall, and get the hell out of dodge. Either that, or pack up the rest of her belongings and leave them on the curb, so that the burglars can collect what they missed the first couple of times.

But Clare loves her neighborhood and its bohemian atmosphere, so she has no plans to budge. Through all of these frightful incidents, she’s remained good-natured and sweet as sugar snap peas in July.  She thinks this string of unfortunate incidents is a passing fancy, but I have two words for her: 

Neighborhood Watch!  (You can read about mine–its successes and failures, here).

So what do you think? Any advice for Clare? Can you top her run-in with the bad luck blues?

61 thoughts on “The Bad Luck Blues

  1. We have neighborhood watch in our Long Beach district too! This area used to be ridden with crime a couple of years ago, so a few good Samaritans decided to organize one. We take turns on patrolling the area, and I must say, it’s made a huge difference.

    We definitely don’t call 911 more than a takeout place anymore, and now it’s as peaceful as heaven.


  2. Yes, bad things tend to happen to the best of people. Throughout what is seemingly a downward spiral of the ‘bad luck blues,’ two things will and have come of this. One, she may not feel strong but she is definitly showing the strength and greatness of her character! Two, after all is said and done one GREAT thing will happen to her. It might only make sense and bring peace to her, but that is all that is needed to keep good people going!
    Very nice post! A great tribute!

    • Clare’s upbeat, positive outlook is what keeps her going. She’s thinking of getting a dog to “protect” her. Then she’ll be good to go! Thanks for your input. Much appreciated!

  3. I love this post! You do such a great job of capturing the force that is Clare! Her optimism and tenacity is inspiring to say the least. The fact that her car was brand new when all this happened was one of the things that got to me. But not Clare…..she goes on, head high, smiling the whole time. Great post MM.

    • I think I’d be inclined to do the same. But there is the matter of her job, her friends, her life that’s already here. If she moves, then the terrorists win, and we can’t have that! 😉

  4. Yes, I would agree -Clare truly has good luck- she was not harmed. Sometimes, we seem to think a string of bad luck follows us like a shadow hanging over us-but when we look back, maybe there was a message in these happenings. Maybe Clare needs to think about moving to safer grounds !!

  5. Popping in from LBS. On the one hand, I think she should get the hell out…and then I think. WHY? How dare those idiot people make her feel so unsafe in her own neighborhood!!!!! It makes me angry.

    • Don’t worry. Clare has confidence and plenty of staying power. She’s not going anywhere nor is she letting anyone intimidate her into doing anything she doesn’t want to do!

  6. What a terrible string of luck! I’m torn. Part of me thinks she’s crazy for staying put, and part of me knows that it’s people high-tailing it out of their neighborhoods when things start to go bad that let them completely fall to the dark side. I think it’s great for her to stand her ground. I just hope she stays safe!

  7. The way I look at it, Clare has great luck. She was kept safe during a shoot out, she didn’t get run over by the first car, the second offender had insurance, and she understands what’s really important!! Yay Clare! Sounds like Someone’s got an eye out for Clare, and taking good care of her!

  8. Wow! I’d say get out of that place. Definitely not the kind of neighborhood I’d want to live in, despite the cool atmosphere.

    Visiting from Lady Bloggers

  9. A bizarro robbery indeed – one speaker!?!?

    I could understand the stereo without the speaker but the other way round – weird.

    So they are looking for someone with mismatched stereo speakers, clean teeth, who also knits!

    Let us all hope her bad luck streak is at an end.

    Just stopped by from Lady Blogger’s Tea Party

    • My sentiments exactly! One speaker indeed, and you sum it up very nicely–I love it and could not have said it better myself. Thanks for stopping by today from LBS! 🙂

  10. That is INSANE! Your poor, friend! I would so be out of there. I would have left all my belongings since they would just eventually rob me and got the hell out dodge. Wanting to stay in a bohemian neighborhood is noble. I get that. But for her safety, she should really reconsider.

    Visiting here from LBS! Sending many prayers to your friend, Clare.

    • Clare’s not planning to go anywhere soon. She LOVES her home, her neighborhood and, to her, this is just a little setback that life sometimes throws your way. But I will continue to urge her to take safety precautions, like having a dog and an alarm system. Those should help. Thanks for stopping by from LBS!

  11. Poor Clare. Bad things always seem to happen to good people. Stopping by from the LBS, by the way

  12. Holy Hell that is some bad luck! What a brave young lady she is thou for sticking to her guns and staying where she wants to live. I hope this is the end of the bad streak and she has only good to look forward to from here on out!

    Following from the Lady Bloggers Tea party!

  13. Egads! Enough already. Time to leave Clare alone, all you baddies out there. I like the suggestions for 1) a dog, 2) an alarm (make sure you post alarm signs that a thief can see because signs are a deterrent), and 3) a neighborhood watch. Stay safe!

    • Egads is right! Perhaps, though, things are getting better. As far as I know, there have been no incidents in the past week, which can only mean one thing: her luck is changing. 😉

  14. Good lord, yes. My family has had a worst streak of bad luck. But you probably wouldn’t believe me if I told you. Nobody ever does. Let’s just say, it STARTED with my husband having a seizure and being diagnosed with brain cancer 15 hours after we got engaged. But- like Clare knows, the most important thing is staying sweet as a sugar snap pea in July. 🙂

  15. Clare, I had no idea of your terrible misfortune as of late, but love the F**k me I’m famous or at least lose to me @ a game of go fish spin that you’ve put on it. Now that’s making snapple out of snap peas! As for some advice I think the neighborhood watch is a great idea. & The best neighborhood watch is the kind that busts off caps. The miscreants speak that language and you could contribute to your neighborhood’s otherwise unsanctioned gunfire with some good ole lady-smith .38’s!

  16. What a sweet, and true blog about my sis! Aw. I swear, her strand of bad luck must be coming to an end soon. Often times, out of the darkness, comes light.. And I feel that good things have come from these bad happenings. She’s back to the jetta, yes.. but it’s cheaper! And she’s more careful now, as a lady living alone. Stew is on constant watch, and Clare has a lot of friends who look out for her. Slowly, the jewelry is being replaced (not to mention, the antique jewerly box that was stolen- Mom sent a beautiful red antique one to her soon after), and some knitting supplies were found at Chris’s not long after. Doesn’t make any of what was stolen forgotten.. But it helps. Clare’s a strong gal, and is due for something fabulous. 🙂 Soon enough, Clare.. luck will show it’s lovely face!

  17. Shary is right – Clare needs a dog or an alarm. I had no idea ths girl has had such bad luck. If it were me, I’d be most upset about all my craft supplies being stolen. Let’s hope she has renter’s insurance.

  18. Sugar snap peas in July! Awe shucks. Me and my bad luck are so honored to be one of your blogs, Monica! Thank you all for your sweet words of advice. I’ll have you know I’ve taken some precautionary measures. I have pepper spray standing by on my nightstand, RENTAL INSURANCE! and I’m in the market for a good bat. I love the idea of a stun gun and a dog though. Or what about a dog trained to shoot a stun gun? Now we’re talkin’!

    • Love training the dog to shoot a stun gun! But why stop there? Teach the dog judo, and all of the Defense Against the Dark Arts incantations. He’ll be the hit of all your parties!

  19. I vote for Claire to live through the Rapture, and survive beyond the Mayan End Times. This girl has staying power! Way to go, Claire.

  20. Clare, I know you don’t need to be made stronger, but you as you know, what doesn’t kill you… I think Clare needs an alarm system, MACE spray and a taser! Or she can always make her own weapon like one of my mom’s friends does. She fills an old tube sock with tomate sauce cans! hee hee! Hang in there, Clare! You’re going to be okay!

  21. Sweet as sugar snap peas in July, what a great line! Hang in there Clare these experiences are merely potholes on the road of life and make for great conversation starters.

  22. Poor Clare! What horrible luck to fall on such a lovely person. I think your neighborhood watch idea is a good one. Community organizing! And maybe Clare needs a dog.

    • Right now, Clare has a cat protecting her. But the cat is unreliable, and hasn’t quite learned to bark. A dog would be so much better. Even my Cavalier has been known to muster up a deep resonating bark when needed, so I know Clare could benefit from having a dog looking out for her. I’ll be sure to let her know!

      • Ha! It’s sad but true, Stewy is a terrible guard cat. I’m pretty sure he slept soundly through the robbery.

  23. Good for Clare for staying put. She needs to get more good people to move into her neighborhood. Be part of the solution! SLW

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