His Dog, Henry

The balance of power has tipped in my home. Henry, my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, my pampered pet whom I’ve always made sure to treat like the royal descendant that he is, has switched his allegiance. Hook, line and sinker.

My prince of a dog switches allegiance.

It seems the little ingrate has more important interests than me. And why not? I’m just the human who’s been there for him all these years (he’s almost four). I’m the one who has nurtured and supported him through all his incessant barking when friends stop by, or when the UPS truck pulls up to deliver my latest items from Amazon.  And yes, I’m the one who has indulged his sweet tooth and his penchant for tennis balls. Yet now, it seems, I am history. My little prince has moved on.

Henry gets plenty of barking action when visitors stop by or when the UPS truck pulls up with my Amazon delivery.

Ever since my son returned home, Henry is decidedly on Team Josh. Except, of course, if it’s feeding time. Then he’s back to Team Monica, albeit briefly.  The rest of the time, I’m chopped liver.

So much for man’s best friend. So much for unconditional love.  A dog’s loyalty can only go so far, after all. So, it’s buh-bye me and hello, Josh!  Henry has even taken his little doggie steps–that I purchased for him after his knee surgery, to make it easier to climb on my bed–and pushed them over to Josh’s bed. Which is where he hangs out most nights, visiting me only in the morning when his hunger pains kick in.  Sure, he wouldn’t think of waking Josh. But me? I’m a horse of a different color! He knows I’m an early riser, so he pitter-patters into my room in the wee hours, and gives me the old stare-down, the one that says it’s chow time.

The rest of the time it’s all I can do to pry him away from his new pal. Thick as thieves, those two are. And what amazes me most is my son’s sudden willingness to see to Henry’s needs.  Not only has Josh taken to walking Henry, he’s also playing fetch with him, and bathing him, too! When Josh is watching TV, he lies on the sofa with his head resting on Henry.  If Josh is at his computer, Henry is happily snoring nearby, most likely nestled on the floor, in a pile of Josh’s dirty laundry.

When I get home at the end of the workday, Henry gives me a cool stare down. He doesn’t flinch, nor does he wag his tail. He just glares. His cold indifference mocks me. Sigh. I get no respect from that dog.

Then, when Josh gets home, I am eyewitness to the reunion of the century. They’re like twins separated at birth and reunited after 30 years.  The only things missing are fireworks and a high school band belting out, “Happy Days are Here Again.”

Yes, friends, I’ve been rejected by the king himself, which is very cavalier of him, if you ask me. I’ve been pushed aside by my own flesh and blood, too.  And, frankly, seeing the two of them together, well, it’s kind of sweet.

23 thoughts on “His Dog, Henry

  1. My sweet Kirra has me all to herself, so I am honoured she gives me her undivided attention.

    Even when visitors come or we go to theirs, she will always stay by me.

    One woman and her man – that is Kirra and me 🙂

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    • It’s like having back stabbing pets. These days my son is around my dog more than I. I guess my dog lives by the motto, “Love the one you’re with.” Thanks for stopping by. You’ve made my day!

  3. Oh how very sweet and sad. My 2 little rat dogs act this way when my grand children come to visit. My husband and I get the biggest kick out of watching them.

    • I know what you mean! I get a kick out of watching my son with Henry. They’re good for each other. Thanks for your comment. At least you know that when the grandkids go home, the little rat dogs are all yours again. 🙂

  4. I have always heard a dog is a man’s best friend. It’s good you can be with your son-you will just have to give Henry-more smooches and treats to win his attention !

  5. hee, hee. I can just picture your little pup’s face resting on the side of your bed at the crack of dawn willing you to feed him.
    Quite honestly, I think since I’ve gone back to work the cat is starting to favor my husband a little bit. humph!

    • Yep. He doesn’t have to bark. She just stares at me and somehow I know he’s there and that it’s chow time. He doesn’t even care if I was up until 1 am the night before, blogging. Food is food and a dog is always waiting for their next meal. Sigh.

  6. Jim is Jake’s absolutely favourite person, unless I sit down at my computer…then he develops an instant need to go outside! It’s maddening!

    Fun post!


    • Henry pretty much ignores me except when time to eat and if I make a phone call. He absolute hates me being on the phone. I tried to outsmart him by using a bluetooth in the house. He quickly caught on, though, and he barks away at me! For crying out loud!

  7. You do know that the moment Josh moves out that Henry will, once again, be all over you! He loves me when he stays over, lays by me, follows me around the house. But once you come to pick me up he looks over his shoulder at me mockingly as if to say “fooled you!” He is a clever little guy 🙂

    • Henry is trying to find his own balance, coming to me for some things and to Josh for most things. But as long as he’s happy, all’s good. Ultimately, I’m just here to serve the little prince.

  8. You should take this seriously. In England we have learnt to ignore aristocratic pretensions. We had to chop off the head of a Charles – and good riddance to him – and rely on a Republican.. Not the American political type but an ‘off with your head’ version. It is no good, in my humble opinion, to attempt to constitutionalise a recusant. You must be firm and get rid of him.

    • Are you referring to my dog or my son? In either case, please know John, that I do write tongue-firmly-in-cheek, so no need to go to extremes. I still love my dog and I’ll always love my son, so I’m not planning to off anybody’s head. At least not this week. But I appreciate your sincerity. 🙂

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