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Llanview, Pennsylvania

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I already know where I’m going to live when I retire.  I’m going to sell my home, most of the furniture too, and hightail it to Llanview, USA.  I’m not exactly sure where it is, since it’s not on any map.  But I’ll find it because that is the place to be.  Yep, I’ve decided I’m going to live in a soap opera, and not just any soap. I’m heading to “One Life to Live.”

I know what you’re thinking. Soaps are a dying breed.  But I refuse to believe it. Soaps have so much to offer and I should know. I’ve been watching them for decades, starting in high school when everyone was watching the original vampire soap,  “Dark Shadows.” Soaps are campy and good fun. An indulgence that is calorie free!

Soaps can bring complete strangers together. One summer during college I was a mother’s helper for a woman with whom I had nothing in common. Zippo.  Until, that is, we discovered we watched the same soap, “All My Children,” and that opened the floodgates of conversation. We  deliberated over the machinations of Erica Kane, and wondered if her mother, Mona would ever find true happiness with Charles Tyler, assuming, of course, he’d divorce Phoebe.  Fascinating stuff like this has led to many a bond between women.

I’ve been watching “One Life to Live,” for well over a decade.  So when I move there, I already have an advantage. I know all the townspeople and I’ve always wanted to live in a town where everybody knows each other.  Sure they have their problems. Infidelities, kidnappings, people returning from the dead, and people lying to each other about you name it. Alternate personalities and blackmail run rampant in Llanview. Indeed, the list of indiscretions is infinitely long.

But look on the bright side. At least I know where I’d stand. Llanview residents could lie to my face but I’d see right through them. I could even weave a tangled web of my own and introduce myself as a woman with a dark secret and nebulous past. I’d check into The Palace Hotel, the only decent hotel in the entire town. I’d also be sure to stop for a swim at the country club and a round of pool at a place called Rodi’s.

The only problem I see is that these characters don’t watch any TV themselves, unless it’s to forward the plot line, which happens only once in blue moon.  Everyone knows how much I love my TV shows so I know that’s going to be a problem.  And there are no movie theaters in Llanview either, which could be a deal breaker.

I’ve never seen any of the Llanview residents go shopping, so I’m assuming there’s no mall and worse, no Nordstrom’s. Bummer.  No grocery stores either from what I can tell, so I’m really going to have to depend on for all my needs.  There is a place to get your hair done and I’m definitely going to make an appoint when I get there, even though the woman who runs the salon has her hair all teased out and frankly, I’m not sure I want her to touch mine.

I’ll introduce myself to the chief of police and his wife, the district attorney, and make sure to stop by to meet Llanview’s mayor, a conniving woman who’s been married a gazillion times. Her last wedding ended up a wash though, when the groom was kidnapped by the bride’s ex-lover and hustled off to a prison in a faraway land.  All in the name of revenge.

Oh yes, I’m going to like it in Llanview.  The folks there are going to keep me hopping and I’ll do my best to keep them guessing as to my own identity.   It’s another world, if you ask me.

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  3. Yes, and supposedly, Clint Buchanan is his father but we’ll see how this unfolds. Meanwhile, Natalie still doesn’t know who her unborn child’s daddy is and David Vickars is being held prisoner by Clint’s goonies, somewhere on a remote island…all because Clint didn’t want Dorian to be happily wed to David…And the beat goes on…

  4. Too funny. I just happened upon OLTL yesterday, after not watching it, for like, a gazillion years. Rex was being told by ANOTHER person that she is his mother.

    Seriously? How many parents has that boy had? When I was watching a gazillion years ago, he was on #25,323…give or take.

    Love how you can leave, come back and not miss a thing. So Bo and Nora are married again? That’s news to me…


  5. Do the people in soap operas know about soap operas? Do they exist in the soap opera world? If they do, like, do “All My Children” watch “General Hospital”?

    I used to watch “General Hospital” back in the late 70’s when it was the Luke and Laura saga. But I never stuck with it.

    I have a friend who was an extra a couple times for “One Life To Live”. There she would be in the background during a hospital scene having coffee with someone in the coffee shop, and when I asked her what she was talking about with this this other extra, she said “Oh, nothing really, stuff like, how many kids do you have, are you married, things like that. Or just look like your chatting”.

    • People in soaps just don’t watch TV. They just roll one out when it’s convenient to the plot, once in a blue moon. I couldn’t live like that. It seems I have something each day that I need to watch. Like the news, or my soap, or The Good Wife. It’s always something.

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