The Good Wife Chooses

I have not been able to sleep all summer. I find myself waking in the middle of the night all frantic and sweaty. No, it’s not hot flashes. It’s Alicia Florrick, dammit! I have no idea who she’s going to pick in the season premiere tomorrow night—her hubby or her boss.

Who's it going to be, Alicia?

If you watch “The Good Wife,” then you know what I’m talking about. This is the behind-the-scenes story that is inspired by all those real-life wives who stand by their political husbands in the face of scandal. If you ask me, “The Good Wife”  is the best, most well-written drama on commercial television. A gem. The Hope Diamond amidst a sea of shows squandered in reality TV. Well, reality bites. Listen up, CBS, you got your Tiffany crown back with this one!

When we last left Alicia Florrick (exquisitely portrayed by Juliana Margulies), she was on the verge of having to choose between answering a call from her boss or stepping up to the podium to stand by Peter, her husband who was just announcing plans to run again for state attorney.  For Alicia, this is a very tough decision with many consequences.

I should have such problems.  Both men are ultra sexy and in powerful positions. Both are very much in love with Alicia.  A tough decision indeed so if Alicia needs to call a lifeline, she shouldn’t call me.  Frankly, I wouldn’t know what to tell her.

If I could base it on looks alone, I’d go with the hubby because I’ve had a crush on Chris Noth, who plays Peter, since he was Mr. Big on Sex and the City.  That man is a tall drink of scotch. He’s hot, coming and going.  So what, that Peter’s been in prison for political corruption. Since when is that a crime? Look at Rod Blagojevich, for crying out loud. As the once governor of Illinois, I’m sure he did worse.  And Blago was offered his own reality show!

But then there’s Will (Josh Charles), Alicia’s boss. Handsome and debonair, too. I’m just worried that picking him might not be the best career move. Sleeping with your boss? Alicia, think hard about this one. Will you have to leave if it goes wrong? Will you have to leave if it works out? What will the others in the firm say? Favoritism will not be looked upon kindly, you know. Besides, you have such a worthy adversary in cold, calculating Eli Gold (deliciously played by Alan Cumming) as he tries to draw you into your husband’s political campaign. So you’d do well to stay with Peter, just to keep that cat and mouse game going. Youza!

Archie Panjabi won an Emmy for her role as Kalinda in "The Good Wife"

Before Alicia decides, maybe she should ask Kalinda, the firm’s super sleuth investigator. That woman can get to the bottom of any case with just one of her unflappable stares. I love how she keeps her personal life unequivocally private. Not even a few drinks with Alicia can crack Kalinda’s steely façade. Does Kalinda prefer men, women or both? Stay tuned. Kalinda knows everything and reveals nothing. She’s amazing, if you ask me. I’m just so thrilled that Archie Panjabi won an Emmy for her marvelous portrayal of Kalinda.

So what’s it going to be, Alicia? Team Peter or Team Will? No matter. Season Two is upon us and I just can’t wait to go along for the ride.