Let’s Hear it for the 50 Percenters!

I’m a trendsetter—on the cutting edge. A pioneer! Baby, take a bow! You may wonder why am I so proud? What am I on the forefront of? Why, divorce of course!

I was among the first to get a divorce in my office. Years ago, while everyone was hooking up and getting married, I was signing my final divorce decree. Then, when everyone was getting pregnant and dropping like flies around the office taking parental leave, I continued working while happily raising my grade school kids who no longer awoke in the night to nurse or for a diaper change. Been there and done that.

Later, when other staff took off to stay home with sick kids who had strep, not me. If my kids were sick they could stay home alone and take care of themselves! When others were preparing their children for kindergarten and fretting over which school to enroll them in, mine were finishing up the middle school and high school years. It’s fun being ahead of the curve!

Now, as others are signing their own divorce decrees and having to start over, I say, welcome to the club, the club of the 50 Percenters. Don’t get me wrong. I respect those who are able to stay married through thick and thin, sickness and health. I’m rooting for them. It’s probably one of the hardest things to do. Those that succeed certainly deserve all the accolades and admiration that the rest of us can muster.

But, about half of those that marry do end up in divorce and for those of us in this group, well, we’re the 50 Percenters and I am the self-appointed president of the club, thank you very much.

Now, what should be the next trend I set—becoming an empty nester? Been there, doing that. Oh, I just adore being on the cutting edge!

3 thoughts on “Let’s Hear it for the 50 Percenters!

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  2. congrats on the new blog! awesome post, too. count me in as a 50 percenter–I’ve been a proud card-carrying member since 2007. I’m also getting ready to send my oldest to college next year. looking forward to learning more from your sage wisdom & life experiences 🙂

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